Minor in Entrepreneurship


The Minor concept

A minor gives you the opportunity of having a second specialization in your degree. The minor is a bundle of three electives that can be chosen separately but if chosen together rewards a minor.


The purpose of the Minor is to develop competences in management of newly started businesses. In particular, this Minor aims to offer insights and an understanding of how to assess, develop, or systematically gauge newly established firms either isolated or comparatively. We strive to furnish core stakeholders in entrepreneurial processes and expose students to the core questions that needs to be asked when working with startups or other new and relatively uncertain projects. Specifically, the program offers three areas of focus, that are core to entrepreneurship – finance, strategy, and development. Not only is the purpose of this Minor to educate students, so that they may become promising new entrepreneurs, but also to furnish the labor market with individuals, that are in a position to either support entrepreneurial activities or to critically evaluate entrepreneurial ventures.


The below table lists the structure and the ECTS credits of the individual courses. The course descriptions are available in the online course catalogue. Direct links are inserted in the below table.

Course ECTS
Entrepreneurial Strategy 7.5
Business Planning and Development (Online) 7.5
Entrepreneurial Finance 7.5


The minor consists of three elective courses. Students electing and passing all three courses will be awarded the title: Minor in Entrepreneurship. The courses will, however, also be offered as traditional electives with no requirement to
elect into all three as a package. Students that only select into one or two of the
electives will not be awarded the minor in entrepreneurship title.

Case Focus
Students enrolled in the electives will be working on real life cases. Before the electives start, enrolled students will attend a kick-off event, at which case firms present themselves to the students. Students will then select into which of the cases they will be working on during the elective(s). The case will be the foundation for the exam for the courses included in the minor. This will allow students enrolled in the full minor to go through multiple elements of establishing and developing a new firm while those only electing into a single elective exclusively will focus on the subjects covered in that course.

The minor in entrepreneurship consists of three separate but highly compatible courses that all pertain to the overall concept of entrepreneurship. The three courses are:

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy (7.5 ECTS)
  • Business Planning and Models (7.5 ECTS)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (7.5 ECTS)

These are organized as to address some of the core elements of setting up a new business or assessing a newly started firm. The courses include elements that are highly complementary to each other. While the first addresses issues that pertain to formulating an overall strategy for a startup, the second deals with issues that pertain to planning the early stages of a firm and choosing a useful business model. The last course deals with issues related to the financing, timing of capital, the right deals and how to value the newly started venture.


The minor consists of the examinations listed below. The learning objectives and the regulations of the individual examinations are prescribed in the online course catalogue. Direct links to the individual examinations are inserted in the table below.

Exam name Exam form Gradingscale Internal/external exam ECTS
Entrepreneurial Strategy Home assignment - written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5
Business Planning and Development Home assignment - written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5
Entrepreneurial Finance Written sit-in exam on CBS' computers 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5

Further information

Minor coordinator

Prof. Toke Reichstein, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

Study Board 

The Minor in Entrepreneurship is offered by the Study Board for the Bachelor of Science Programme in Economics and Business Administration.

How to sign up

If you want to sign up for the Minor in Entrepreneurship, you have to select BHAAM2260U Minor in Entreprenurship when you sign up for electives. You will then subsequently be signed up for all three courses.You do not have to select all three courses individually.