Minor in Behavioral Neuroscience and Economy


The Minor Concept

A minor gives you the opportunity of having a second specialization in your degree. The minor is a
bundle of three to four electives that can be chosen separately but if chosen together rewards a


During the past decade, a multidisciplinary effort has arisen in the understanding of consumption
behviour. By the integration of economics, psychology and more recently neuroscience, new
academic insights and commercial uses have emerged. Today, there is an outspoken and increased
need for academics and practicioners that are taught in bridging the divide between traditional
scholarly disciplines. The growth is demonstrated in several arenas, including:

•    Rise in number of companies that are explicitly based in emerging areas such as neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, Neuromethodology and related disciplines
•    Stronger integration of neuroscience methods in the industrial sector, including marketing survey companies, and subsequently an increase in demand of multidisciplinary trained professionals.
•    Increased use of neuroscience insights in the industrial sector, including the financial sector
•    Better integration and more investment of neuroscience in traditional behavioural sciences.
•    Leading scientific journals regularly publish work combining economics, psychology and neuroscience

The aim of this minor is to train students to integrate economics, psychology and neuroscience in
the commercial understanding and academic approach to consumption behaviour and
communication effects. This integration will provide students that are better suited to rising
demands for trained practicioners and academics at the national and international level.


The minor consists of the examinations listed below. The learning objectives and the regulations of the individual examinations are prescribed in the online course catalogue. Direct links to the individual examinations are inserted in the table below

Course ECTS
Neuroeconomics 7.5
Neuromarketing (Online course) 7.5
Neuro Research Design 7.5


Exam name Exam form Gradingscale Internal/external exam ECTS
Neuroeconomics Home assignment - written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5
Neuromarketing Home assignment - written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5
Neuro Research Design Oral exam based on written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5

Further information

Minor coordinator


Jesper Clement jc.marktg@cbs.dk, Dept. of Marketing


Study Board

The minor in Behavioral Neuroscience and Economy is offered by the Study Board for the Master of Science Programme in Economics and Business Administration

How to sign up

If you want to sign up for the minor in Behavioral Neuroscience and Economy , you have to
select CCMVM1015U Minor in Behavioral Neuroscience and Economy when you sign up for
electives.You will then subsequently be signed up for all three courses.You do not have to select all
three courses individually.