Minor in Operations and Innovation Process Management


The Minor concept

A minor gives you the opportunity of having a second specialization in your degree. The minor is a bundle of three to four electives that can be chosen separately but if chosen together rewards a minor.


The focus is on the direct value creation processes of innovation, development, production of goods and services, and managing the supply chain. They are all about management and hence cross-disciplinary. They all also have a strategic orientation. The three modules have the three foci of first the operations process management, then innovation and development management, and finally the strategic management of creating and developing the key innovation and development competencies with special focus on the high knowledge organization. The three elective modules are as follows. 


The below table lists the structure and the ECTS credits of the individual courses. The course descriptions are available in the online course catalogue. Direct links are inserted in the below table.

Course ECTS
Operations and Process Management (online course) 7.5
CASES in Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology (Online course) 7.5
Managing product development and innovation 7.5


Operations and Process Management; elective 1 
Operations and Process management is about how organizations produce goods and services. Operations produce goods and services by managing processes to change the state or condition of something to produce outputs. Banks will typically process customers and information, factories will typically process material, hospitals will typically process customers in terms of patients, consultants will typically process information and customers, and shipping companies and ports will typically process goods in transport. Transforming resources are facilities and staff. Process management deals with planning, choosing resources, organizing, controlling and auditing the processes. It is all about the value creation in the line organization but little about the administrative routines of indirect functions. 

Managing Product Development and Innovation; elective 2 
Innovation management is about the creation of the breakthroughs in products and processes. Getting the new ideas, finding and exploring the sources and possibilities, developing new products, services and processes beyond trivial improvements as well as relating this to the organization’s strategies and business ideas in an optimal set of potential projects. It is about finding the right human and other resources and organizing them in an effective and creative way. It is ultimately about performing better on innovations than other organizations. 

CASES in Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology; elective 3 
Strategic management of Innovation and Technology is about understanding what creates competitive advantages through building unique competencies. Certain strength comes from innovative capability, but also the management of technological development. Technology is the knowledge area (logy) of techniques of products, services and processes, how to create them and how to manage them, not to be misunderstood as technique. The format of this course is case based learning, often understood as the Harvard Business School style. This may be new to many CBS students. Students will have to prepare case based sessions and will have to find theory in a list of scientific articles. In the lecture, the students have to act by analyzing and presenting while the teacher acts as a facilitator. The course objective is acquiring skills by training, not learning by reading.  


The minor consists of the examinations listed below. The learning objectives and the regulations of the individual examinations are prescribed in the online course catalogue. Direct links to the individual examinations are inserted in the table below.

Exam name Exam form Gradingscale Internal/external exam ECTS
Operations and Process Management Home assignment - written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5
CASES in Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology Home assignment - written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5
Managing Product Development and Innovation Oral exam based on written product 7-point grading scale Internal exam 7.5

Further information

Minor Coordinator

Professor Christer Karlsson


Study Board

The minor in Operations and Innovation Process Management is offered by the Study Board for the Master of Science Programme in Economics and Business Administration.


How to sign up

If you want to sign up for the minor in Operations and Innovation Process Management, you have to select CCMVM1016U Minor in Operations and Innovation Process Management when you sign up for electives. You will then subsequently be signed up for all three courses. You do not have to select all three courses individually.