Minor in Bioentrepreneurship


The Minor Concept

 A minor gives you the opportunity of having a second specialization in your degree. The minor is a bundle of three to four electives that can be chosen separately but if chosen together rewards a minor.


The minor in bioentrepreneurship offers the core skills required for commercialization of bio products. The objective is not only to build technical skills in business analysis but also train application of these skills to actual business challenges in real-life entrepreneurship projects.

More specifically, the minor will introduce the students to a number of new issues related to bio-entrepreneurship:

  • Innovation in BioBusiness
  • Entrepreneurship in BioBusiness
  • Bio Markets

The minor will run in the fall 2017.

The BBIP program is directed at a small volume of high performing students. The minor enrolls students from the following cm-programs: FIR, FSM, AEF, ASC, IMM, IBS & MIB.


The below table lists the structure and the ECTS credits of the individual courses. The course descriptions are available in the online course catalogue. Direct links are inserted in the below table.

Course ECTS
Bio Markets 7.5
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy in BioBusiness 7.5
BBIP Entrepreneurship Project 7.5


The minor consists of three courses that each take up key aspects of business activity in the context of life science. The courses complement each other and are designed to build a comprehensive understanding of business in the field of bio-entrepreneurship.


The minor consists of the examinations listed below. The learning objectives and the regulations of the individual examinations are prescribed in the online course catalogue. Direct links to the individual examinations are inserted in the table below.


Exam name Exam form Gradingscale Internal/external exam ECTS Weight
Bio Markets Oral exam based on written product 7-step scale External exam 7.5 7.5
BBIP - Entrepreneurship Project Oral exam based on written product 7-step scale Internal exam 7.5 7.5
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy in BioBusiness Written sit-in exam on CBS' computers 7-step scale Internal exam 7.5 7.5

Further information

Minor coordinator

Katla Ran Sturludottir

Study Board


How to sign up

Several factors necessitate size restrictions for the minor to 12 CBS students. In addition to the official CBS course enrollment, admission to the course therefore is by application, to be submitted directly to BBIP  (bbip  @cbs.dk) no later than April 24th at 11.59pm. Your application should include 1) Short Motivational essay. 2) Grades (both bachelor and master level). 3) Curriculum vitae. 4) Description of project (if available). 5) Recommendation (if available).